Drawn To The Soul?



A Soul Fillet Approach to Landing The Big One

Are you looking for a way to live a more soulful life? Curious if there is a way to follow your soul instead of selling out to the highest bidder for your time, attention and resources?

Being So...Full

We are all full of things .... but are we so full of love, light and the hard-to-define soul fullness that we feel our lives are full to the brim with blessings and ready to burst forth into something grand and glorious?

Often, the things we pile up in our lives have little to do with soul ... things like bills, credit card payments, work deadlines, after school program schedules, gym workouts and appointments to take care of the dog, the leaky plumbing and the tire rotation on the SUV.

But beneath this layer of stuff that seems so important and the foundation of what our lives are built on ... can be an incredibly endearing call from the soul to become something extraordinary .. to live an extraordinary life. And if we heed that call, we can begin a journey that is a true adventure, one far off the beaten down track where most people sleep walk through their lives ...

If yo are just waking up, you know what I mean. You can look back at where you came from, and see others following the path society tells everyone is yours.


to be continued


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