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Symbolic Language and Green The's

What is the meaning hidden in the word "teh"? Some would have you believe that the word really is a new word, an online slang of sorts, that is a deliberate miss spelling of "the", the defining intelligence at work behind language and its evolution.

But dig a little deeper around the roots of the family tree of knowledge .. the one Odin hung off of to get the origin of runes and other word stuffs ... and you might find that teh has a strong and ancient tradition in the Chinese language.

Teh is the meritorious work of the Tâo. - Han Fei

Translated from the word de ... it insidicates** a co-plex meaning of power based in virtue (see key 11) and teh heart and mind walking or traveling, which is of the image of a skeleton walking towards a white rose .... or a Fool on a journey of self discovery.








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