Do You Lack Poiesis?


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What is in the Word ... poiesis? From the greek root "to make or bring 4th", it speaks to us of the blooming of the blossom, the fall of the waterfall and the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon.

It is a transformation that is necessary to continue the world.

Plato speaks to three kinds of poiesis ... one that brings forth new life, one that brings fame in the city and one that cultivates knowledge and virtue in the soul. These first two ideas are seen in the images of keys 3 and 7 (respectively, The Empress and The Chariot). The ladder seems most reflective of key 11 (Sweet Poetic Justice).

But what is PO i.e. Sis? Does the waterfall in key 3 still remain silent? Or duze** it feed your soul? Is it the water of life, or just another place to see a dash of water on the rocks? Maybe it just floats your boat down the river of De Nile?

If you want to read Plato's words, try the Symposium, but bring along your pair of green language filter glasses (see National Treasure and what was hidden in the brick wall to see why she turns her hand to it). Where is a water triangle when you knead one, knit brow two, pearl three loin letters?





Keep Floating downstream ....             ... Salmon Leap Up Stream       


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