Have You Solved The Puzzle of Who You Are?


Solve Puszzle Who You Are


Discovering Who You Are

Do you wonder who you are? Are you feeling more and more lost in your own life? Curious if you were meant to become some one else ... someone extraordinary , but you somehow missed out?

Few people understand the power that comes with solving the puzzle of who you are. But solving the puzzle can make you feel like you have discovered your own personal Fountain of Life.

That sounds overly dramatic, but it really can give you a renewed sense of life and fill you with energy, hope, ideas and a new sense of purpose.

Why Solve The Puzzle

Creative Fire Amulet

If that wasn't enough, knowing who you are changes your life. It helps you by letting you connect with your personal truths. With it, you understand your life journey ... and the "whys" behind the obstacles, challenges and opportunities life brings to you.

Now you can begin to see your life choices in a new light ... and start making different decisions that cause you to start living your life differently. You start to own the power to make choices that lead to living an authentic life.

An inside job ...

The secret lies in the fact that your answers all come from inside ... like an acorn we hold the secrets of who we are and become inside. Protected by a shield of innocence or ignorance ... we have to be ready to find out who we are because with that knowledge comes responsibility.


Challenge One - Overcoming Distractions

One of the biggest challenges is overcoming the distractions of life. There is always a great movie on TV, a nightstand piled with books waiting to be read, a floor that needs cleaning.

In modern life, there is always a way to avoid discovering who you are ... and even important tasks like getting good grades, finding and keeping a good job, raising a family and paying the rent ... can serve as a reason to do it later. Start tomorrow instead of right now, today.

When you are ready, these distractions will lose their appeal and life will lose some of its shine. Clouds start to move across the horizon ... and you will feel the pull towards more space and freedom. If it is urgent, a crisis may arise in your life to make you stop and rethink your life ... from a hospital bed, a lonely hotel funded by a midlife crisis, or the funeral of a loved one.

All of these are signals that it is time to re-assess your life ... time perhaps to begin a new life journey or change the direction your life is heading in.


Challenge Two - Scary Times or Scars Healing?

The prospect of learning who you truly are scares some people. They worry about how it will change their life, their relationships and their illusions of happiness and purpose.

Healing the wounds that have kept us in hiding from ourselves and the rest of the world is not easy. But that should not keep us from doing the work, facing ourselves and coming to honest acceptance of who we are. Many times our fears are not that we are dim and stupid, but that we are made of light and powerful* beyond measure.

If you were brought up to believe the game of life is made up of two opposites -- winning and losing ... it can feel safer to sit on the sidelines and let the parade of life pass us by. But with the knowledge of who you are comes the ability to overcome your fate, choose your destiny and chart a path to it.

Tragedies & Blessings

You can turn every tragedy into a blessing, every bad circumstances into a life lesson, a pothole of life to be known and avoided in the future. When you take responsibility for your life, you are the one who decides what winning looks like and how well you are playing the game.

So are you ready to begin? If so, you might enjoy ...




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