Have You Found the Sweet Spot in Your Life?


Find & Hit Mark of Swet SPot in Life

touch the card to read the other side

None learned the art of archery from me who did
not make me, in the end, teh target.
- Saadi of Shiraz


Looking For The Sweet Spot in Life ...

The smell of the latest batch of gingerbread men tickled my nose as well as my appetite. My stomach growled and the OStriches all looked up in unison.

"So ..." I asked again, trying to lead the conversation into specifics. I still had no clue how to find the sweet spot in my life, although I now knew the feeling I was looking for.

My mug sat brimming with more steaming apple cider, and I coughed to get the Wise Woman's attention. It worked like a charm, because she looked up and saw my look of interest. At least I hoped it was interest .. and not desperation.

"Want another cookie?" she asked.

I had to laugh ... and I noticed I was doing a lot more of that since I had come to visit and talk to her.

Talking about the Weather ...

"Its nice to have company. Sometimes the forest gets a little lonely around this time of year. People busy rushing about ... speeding up instead of slowing down with Nature. Blankets of snow are just that ... a time for Nature to snooze and rest up for Spring."

"Why do I think you are talking about more than the weather?" I asked, teasing her about her choice of sunject*.

"The Sun will be out soon, just give it the time it needs to visit the other side of the globe. Apples don't crisp up until the Fall weather catches up with them." She moved the hot cookies away from the Ostriches, who shuffled left and then right to keep them in view.

Driving The Point ...

Ii had to laugh again at the sight, they seemed to be doing a slow dance, reminding me of .... her words went over my head and i had to ask," Could you repeat that?"

I brought my attention back to the table and leaned forward.

"So what did you want to know?" she asked again politely. Too politely. I knew something was up, but what? I took a minute for me to realize that I had been on autopilot, and distracted by the birds in the background.

"Okay ... to look for my sweet spot, I need to be awake and paying attention." I felt proud I had gotten the idea so fast. "What else do I need to do?" I asked.

"Hmmm. Let me think. It has been a while since anyone wanted a detailed plan of action," she said.

"Is that what I need?" I replied. Was that what I wanted?

Finding The Right Target ...

"What you need is a target that will take you in the direction you need to go. That will keep you focused, awake and determined ... and will always tell you know how well you are doing. Kind alike William Tell," she mused.

I was not sure how William Tell had made it into the conversation, but I was willing to see where it went.



to be continued


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