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Self Discovery Questions

One of the easiest ways to know what your life path is ... is to look around your life and see what excites you, what inspires you and energizes you.

These all point to your true passions in life.

What Excites You

We often get drawn to and excited about the ideas that are central to our life path. So here are a few questions ....


When was the last you got really excited about life?
What were you doing or thinking about?

What makes you excited to get up early in the morning?

What keeps you up late at night?

Where does your excitement take you?

What makes you feel alive and full of energy?


What Inspires You

Take a look at the movies, books and songs that inspire you ... and then answer these questions.


What are your favorite books about?
Is there a common theme or quest in them?

What are your favorite movies?
Is there a common theme or quest in them?


What are your favorite TV shows?
Is there a common theme or quest in them?


What You Are Passionate About

Your life passions often can be discovered by learning more about the issues, problems and ideas that capture your imagination and you love to think about.


What problems or issues do you get passionate about?

What do you love to talk or read about?

What excites you about life?

What do you dream of doing?

What do you love to learn about or study?

What would you love to become an expert in?

What would you love to master or know?


What Energizes You

Life and passion are all about energy ... and the things that give you energy or spark you into action are storehouses of passionate energy.


What gives you energy?

What places or activities give, rather than use up, youR energy?

What makes you smile and laugh?


Understanding Your Answers

You may have to spend some time musing over these questions .. asking them through the day or week in order to start getting to authentic answers that come from deep inside of you and resonate as a deep personal truth.

Once you have a good set of answers, you can look back over the list of nine life paths and assign each of you answers to one of the categories. Or you can start grouping your answers into themes, to see the pattern emerging.

Now you are ready to go on to ...


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