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Shopping for a Life Path

One of the most fun ways to know what your life path is ... to go browse the shelves of a store and see what excites you, captivates your attention and intrigues you.

All you need is a life path store.

Your Life Path Store

Often, it is easier to see what fits you by walking up and down the aisles and seeing what jogs your interest and memories.

Life Path One

Take a look at the books, movies, books and songs that you love.

Filling Up Your Cart

If you go exploring, you can add things to your shopping cart and start collecting a virtual basket of things that reflect your life path. Then when you are done exploring the shelves ... just assess what fills your shopping cart and you will have a good idea of the life paths that you are drawn to.


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Self Discovery
  How To Discover Yourself
  Journey of Self Discovery
  Identify Lifepath
     The Nine Life Paths
        0 Still Searching 
        1 Discovering
        2 Nurturing
        3 Expressing
        4 Making
        5 Risk Taking
        6 Healing & Teaching
        7 Investigating
        8 Directing
        9 Guiding
        Find Your Life Path
           Explore Shelves
  Find Your Bliss
  Discover Life Theme
  Discover Life Calling
  Find Life Purpose
  Describe Living Dreams
  Make Dreams Come True
  Art Gallery

  Game of Life
     Fate & Destiny
     Discover Your Potential
  Make Sense of Life
  Art Gallery

  Game of Work
  Find Great Work
  Take Up Life's Work
     Your Dream Job
     Get Hired
     Your Dream Business
  Art Gallery

  Game of Love
  Make Sense of Love
  Art Gallery

  Game of Wisdom
  Make Sense of Wisdom
  Art Gallery

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