Do You Beleive That You Don't Tell the Initiate ...?


Don't Tell the Initiate ANything (Sabian Symbol Aquarius 12 / 21)

Don't die with your music still inside of you


Anything She Can Learn For Hymn (Ben Hur) Self

The wisdom of the ancient path keepers was founded on not telling the initiates anything that they could learn for themselves. Self insights can not be "told", they must be "seen" and "experienced" for themselves.

Self knowledge can only come from within. What can be shared are insights and advice about the path to be taken, what lies ahead on the journey to know yourself.

But hints were always appropriate to keep the student awake and looking in the right direction. So perhaps this will not go amiss ...

Don't Tell the N.ish.E.8 Annie/thing he can learn for hymn.self

Book of Wisdom by Manifest Your Potential .com

You never quite know what the Universe has up its sleeve ... Is it the Ace of Swords ready to cut away the excess baggage that is holding you back? A medicine bag of inspiring symbols that speak directly to your heart of dreams? Or an extra hand spindle for spinning you a destiny of gold beyond the stars?

Only your hare dresser knows for sure.

So get busy discovering yourself ... answering the Big Questions of Life! Ore walk more of the golden path of wisdom.



CAdmus Sowing Seeds of Light and Darkness


(ain't no mountain high enough, ain;t no valley enough ,, ain;t river wide enough ... remember the day I set you free ...).


MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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