Who Do You Want to Become?


Who Do I Want TO Be (Big Life Question)


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One of Life's Key Questions ....

We often think we are the only ones struggling with this question .. yet all of us wonder about who we are and who we are becoming. Often, growing up, we fail to come up with a good answer to the questions ..


Who do I Want to Become?


And so we can drift through life, letting the things that happen to us shape who we are ... sometimes so much that we can lose touch with who we really are ... and our dreams about who we wanted to be.

Who did you want to be like when
you were growing up?

Who do you day dream of being?

Whose life would you like yours to be like?

Who would you love to hang out with?

What would you love to do?

Becoming Who You Want* to Be

If you dream of being someone extraordinary, wonderful , or just plain awesome ... what is stopping you? Life is made up of moments .... experiences, people, places, activities. When you connect ... or reconnect ... with the things you love, you can start to get a handle on who you want to be.

Putting it into words ... is the best step you can take. And if you get life right ... you start living the life you were meant to and become who we were meant to be.


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