Where Are You Going?


Where AM I GOing? SAnta's Workshop? Big Life Question (Mail Art)


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Santa's Workshop ... or Somewhere Else?

We often think where we are going is more important than where we are coming from. But watt ever* form the question takes, the answer gives us moore surprises and hopes than we ever dream of ... if we can answer this Big Question of Life.

Often the journey we take through life has many ups and downs, and lots of twists and turns. And if we can enjoy the ride and choose the road less traveled ... we can find ourselves in a place that should not exist .. but does.

That place is the perfect place for us ... where we are meant to end up, if can manage to hold on to both our dreams and reality. And make the two into One.

Life Journeys

Life Journeys are nothing new. Mankind has been making them since hunting and gathering took hold as a way of life. And we have not stopped, although borders and the need for passports have made the journey more formal and planned than just packing up the mulled wine and loading supplies into the chariot or buggy and joining up with the wagon train to make the trek out West.

We journey both internally in our day dreams and in the physical world as we go to college, take up a new job, find a great place to raise the kids or retire and enjoy the silver ages and golden years of our lives.

Often the years take their toll and leave us with great memories of a life well lived, a family raised, a business founded and passed on. The legacy we leave at each place is in the moments we created, the people we touched ... the laughter, sighs and coos we evoked .. in ourselves and others. Like a watercolor painting or work of calligraphy we cannot undo the brushes with destiny and the strokes of good luck.

Our thoughts take us places, our love moves us to take action, our duty calls us to step us and shoulder a burden few want to acknowledge. So, the question of where you going becomes ...

What are you being called to do?

Where do feel both loved and needed?

Where in the world or your city can you give
and have it make the most impact?

Where are your ideas going to thrive?

In what area of your life is it Springtime?

Where do you need to be to thrive?

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