Can You Serve Two Ma.stirs?


Faux Mail Art Postcard: You can knot serve two masters (Manifest Cards)

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Unless You Make The Two i.not One

There is an old wisdom saying that "you can not serve two masters". If you try, you will fail. Often you will feel like you are asked to make a choice that feels like one of Solomon's judgments ... being torn into two pieces ... so that both can have a part of you. Far too often, in real life, the choice is between what you value most ... who loves you or needs you.

Kneading & Wings

If you value being needed -- the one with the most needs, who needs your help urgently and on a constant basis ... will win. If you value love, you will be drawn to the one who makes you feel more of who you are, who champions your dreams and helps give them wings.

Urgency versus the timeless. Striving versus thriving. Far too often, the ones who need us most have an empty basket they want us to fill. But you can not give from any empty storehouse ... and often they are asking for a handout instead of a honest trade. They do have things that are free to give .. love, compassion, peace, security, affection, respect, trust ... but like a miser they hoard these things ... and quietly insist we become a slave to their needs and wants because they are so needy.

The Other choice often offers us the joy of both giving and receiving, an honest exchange of life's most precious gifts. Things that only come alive when you give them to another. They get us on a deeper level, see more of who we are, and want something different from us ... a trade instead of taking whatever we have to offer.

On Deeper Level

Going to a deeper level can be scary. Like losing touch with the ocean bottom as you move out into the waves and deeper waters. The safety of the sand gives way to the uncertainty of floating and letting the currents pull you out to sea.

But ships and people were not made only for harbors and staying on the shore. If we can honor the driftwood part of ourselves that are on a journey, coming from somewhere else and moving on when the tides lift us on the next leg of our journey ... we can be taken to where we truly belong.

Hidden Wisdom Links

Like may old wisdom saysings*, there are connections to wisdom hidden in the Words. You only need to look for it* and match it up with the wisdom system that works best for you.

So take a closer look at the saying ... and think about 2 masters ... and what they might have in common. The connection hidden in the wisdom sayings is like the sun ... it opens the's of the flower of 4.give.ness ... and under.standing.

The Tarot

So, take a moment to look at Key 2 (The Moon) and Key 10 (the key of what you can grasp mentally, master). See the connection? Puts a.hole.gnu* meaning to the id.EA of lap dog ... lol! Which is what you will get if the wheel is turned up a notch. Bam! and/as Emerald woo.d sey*.

Now, if the two could become One, the k.not wood not apply --- but knots are E.act.ley what The Hanged Man is all a-bout (or should I say ab-out, as in coming out as a Deb.U.Taunt?).

The * Tao

In Taoist terms, you might want to look at the connection between the two halves of the bamboo, and how to make the two back into one. The left side holds the flow of the Good, while the right is active in settling the debt and bringing about balance and establishing a greater harmony.




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