Is Money really the Root of All Evil/Live?



Ancient Wisdom Saying

The old wisdom says that "money is the root/route of all evil". Implying that money is associated with evil, and that to follow evil, you need to follow the money. Clearly, the latter is true when it comes to organized crime and terrorism.

But, if we look at the saying with wiser eyes, we might read the adage and look towards the "the root/route that money takes". Roots imply plants, and routes or paths are clearly a part of the tree of life.

On the Tree of Life, money is seen in Sephirah 4 (represented by Jupiter as the greater Fortune) and Sephirah 7 (represented by Venus as the Lesser Fortune). The money flows from greater to lesser wealth, as goods and services travel in the opposite direction ... the path of trade. On the Tree, that path is the twenty-first, and represented by Key 10.

And in life, this is what we see ... money flows from the richer to the poorer, as they buy the goods and services they do not want to make or do themselves. However, money also flows in the opposite direction now, as the poor purchase goods and services that those with greater fortunes provide. Think, for example, of the status symbols that the poor adopt to appear more wealthy ... the designer handbags, the famous celebrity's perfume or clothing line, the rapper's new line of bling and mouth grilles.

Book of Key 10: The Wheel of Fortune & The Malkuth Kingdom by Manifest Books

This. I think, is something new. Back in the day, no one was buying Herod's new style of chariot or Cleopatra's jewelry line. Socratease** wasn't plying his new bestseller in the marketplace as the "must buy celebrity book" of the season. But somewhere along the line, the balance that was struck was lost. Vanderbilt's started selling jeans based on cache instead of value. Goochi handbags became the rage ... and people started to sell and buy based on a name ... instead of the inherent worth of the goods.

That doesn't mean that a brand name is not a valuable signal of quality in the marketplace ... they help us identify our expectations. But somewhere along the way, we started to buy status, which is an intangible, and pay a hefty price for it ... in our tangible goods. Now, people buy the name and not the product ... and stuff their closets and their lives with quickly outdated status symbols that last only as long as it takes to saturate the marketplace. Only the rich have the cash reserves to afford to buy these items, season after season, and cast them off when they are falling off their peak.

Is this pure foolishness, as Nicey would say?


On a more esoteric note ... is the route, if it is Key 10, then a wheel that shows the circular path of the serpent and anubis (keys 8 and 1, respectively) ... which rotates under the paws of the Sphinx (seen in key 7 and hinted at in key 2)? Wheels within wheels, divine names written on the wind, and the four elements near the core. Does this hint at the great work (key 8) of house building (key 1)? OR that the graduation of energy results in more roses being brought down from above?

Does status, high and low, matter that much if you are on a merry-go-round or a ferris wheel? Isn't it the journey and not the momentary position that makes the world go round? Or is that Love?

Question: What really is true abundance?





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