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Don't See Eye to Eye?





Popular Saying

This popular saying is usually interpreted as meaning that two people do not agree. And often, even when the eyes do see the same visual images, their values and life experience cause them to interpret these images very differently.

I think that is often why people describe crime scenes very differently -- because they focus on the things that are meaningful and ascribe meaning, based on their personality, to the events. And that is how things are recalled when they are asked to remember the scene and describe it.

But, if we take a closer look at this saying ... other esoteric meanings are to be had. Seeing "eye to eye" is an interesting turn of phrase when the "eye" refers to Ayin and its graphic representation in The Devil card of the tarot. That card hints that "all you see is KNOT all there is".

There are even more meanings to be had if you consider that there is another "eye/I" card in the deck ... the I/J/Y card of Yod. referred to as The Hermit. In The Hermit card, seeing is of utmost importance, as the lamp in the darkness on a hill lights the ways not only for the Hermit to continue on the path ... but to light the way for others below ... who now know there is a path up there and a person following it.

Seeing that something is possible has an enormous impact. Think of all the human barriers that were broken when one person moved past the preveiling** mental limits. The four minute mile .... breaking the sound barrier ... proving the earth was round instead of flat ... that time was linear and thus inescapable.




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