Book of Key 1: The Magician, Mercury & The House of Knowledge by Maifeat Books

Do You Overcome Evil with Good?







Ancient Wisdom Saying

What is evil is spelled out in every culture ... and in the ancient hebrew saying "overcome evil with good ... love your enemies" ... is the antidote.

But what does love have to do with evil? In the case of the Magician, he is dealing with money on the table, and seems to have struck the coin with an impression of a star. Not the six sided star of Solomon, but the five sided Morning and Evening star. Venus, the symbol of love ... is inscribed on a coin, a piece of money not unlike a talent, sovereign or crown ... some of the more interesting names money has been given over the ages in different cultures.

Venus, as the Morning and Evening Star, is the goddess of both love and war ... which is hinted at in the popular 60's saying ... "make love not war".

But Venus does both ... love as well as make war on enemies. But who is the enemy of love? Who on this planet does not want love? Crave love? Seek love? From cradle to grave, we seek it ... first as babies gurgling and smiling, then as young adults with passions raging, and for some the fire never goes out. The sparks of passion are always there, like the warm coals of a fire banked but ready to flare up if the right tender moments occur.

I think there is a name we give to people who do not want love, seek it or share it. And the name is .. monster. If you do not know love, would anyone want to let you in if you knock on their door? Who invites a monster into their house unless it is Halloween? And then you only give it a small piece of candy and send it on its way ...

Love, in all its forms .. from friendship and comrade-in-arms to loving parent and soul mate ... allows us to be safe with one another ... give and take without violence or coercion. Love may make the power of money, and its hold over us, safe to handle.

And that is no small victory in itself.

And the greater fortune of jupiter points the way, as love separates the wheat from the chaff and the red roses from the white lilies, as easily as valentines and easter bunnies.






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