Are You Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth/16?


Postcard of Hermetic / Alchemical Androgyne of Sun/Sol and Moon/Mon/Mom


Popular Saying

The saying "tall.king out of both sides of your mouth" is generally taken to mean that you say one thing and mean another, or that you say one thing to one group of people and something different to another group. Basically, it implies that what you way is untruthful or contradictory

But if mouth is the esoteric wisdom link to the truth (key 16) ... and truth has both an exoteric (public) and esoteric (hidden, guarded, protected) aspect -- then it may imply that from a wisdom purr.spect.ive -- you might speak "in tongues" or "pair ables" so that everyone gets the message they are able to hear and understand. And if a Pair of Ables (buried as in Key 13) were to speak, then you dew have 2 heads ... and watt could be better?

Related sayings include to "run off at the mouth" of the Nile and to be "down in the mouth" as in that guy who was swallowed by a fish for three days (funny .. if fish is a link with death ... then was he dead three days?)

Notes: /h2>
Mouth comes from the middle English channel as muth or men. Curious. Most curious. Is there truth in Mu and Th being connected. linked, 2get.her?












Fin .. Ish /Ed


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