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Are You Blind as a Bat?





Popular Saying

The saying "blind as a bat" is a popular way to say that someone does not see well. In fact, they are blind as a bat.

But take a moment and think about this. A bat is an animal that flies with a precision any fighter jet would envy, snatching small flying insects (known as dinner) out of the air at high speed. Flying in the dark is not easy, nor is flying when the light is fast changing during twilight and dusk.

So, seeing in a conventional, light based way, would not be very useful. Instead, the bat has a type of "sight" that senses through a vibration that is not light based, but sound based. The bat flies by sending out a high frequency wave and then "reading: the returning waveforms that bounce back. Basically, it is modern radar perfected millennia ago by nature for low light and no light flight.

Pretty nifty, if I dew say sow myself.

Aum ... the sound of creation and the divine being within (see longdesc)

Walk outside a bat cave at dusk and you can appreciate the superb flight and navigational characteristics, yourself. Just move slowly, so the bats have time to know where you are ... and see them catch those pesky mosquitoes circling a few inches above your head.

You see, you become a magnet for the mosquitoes and the bats dine on the very things that want to dine on you.

So bats "see" very well ... just not the way we do.

Well, you might be wondering, what does this have to do with Key 15? Hmm. Ever read any of the esoteric buddhist wisdom that think sound is pretty important ... AUM* the sound that creates/d the universe and all reality. Personally, I would have preferred the sound of laughter, but that is pretty hard to draw on.



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* AuM ... visually written as OM in text and a drawn as an in breath, out breath and paws)


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