A Kiss From A Rose
(Batman's Theme)



Living Wisdom in Seal's Kiss from Arose

"Ancient, esoteric wisdom is all around you ... and Seal's A Kiss From A Rose lyrics are a good example."

Teh Wise Woman's words surprised me. I looked up from what I was doing to see what I was missing, again.

"Think about the image above as you listen to the lyrics. They speak more than they seem to be saying ... if you know the ancient keys that open the door to Wisdom."

"Am I missing something?" I asked curiously.

Her smile said it all.

"What is a sigh-ad anyways?"

"Now you are talking!" she whispered as she leaned back in her chair, closer to the fire that now leapt up in response.

"How does she DO That," I wondered to myself. But my mind turned to the lyrics playing in my head ...





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