House of The Rising Sun



Ruins in The Sun Rising

"How do you ruin a pour boy?" I asked the Wise Woman, who looked up from the stove fireplace and gave me an intent look.

"Well, make him rich, of course. Unless your question was really ... How do you RUmi a boy poor ... in which case, you need to read his poetry to answer that one."

Her chuckle as she turned back to the stove put me at ease. I was beginning to feel comfortable here. Maybe too comfortable.

"I agree ... you never want to get too settled in if you are on The Path, seeking something." Here words floated over the hiss of steam arising from one of the vessels hanging over the ** .

"What are ... falmes ***.. and what am I seeking?" I just had to ask. The scent from the pots were tickling my noes ... nose. "What exactly are you cooking up?" I followed my nose and started to lift out of my chair ...

"Stay put," she said gently, and my body obade ...obeyed.

"Clearly it is working. But how well is the question," she mused to hereself. Then she laughed.

"The Fool is in the same predicament .... seeking something and the fall ... maybe it happened in The Fall, when the leaves change. No one is for sure .. or else they are not telling anytime soon. where was I?" she asked.

"Falling in the Fall time, I think ..." I replied, not too sure myself.

"Good. No sense wondering off coarse, as the tailors like to say. Stay on the Silk Road is their motto."

I had to laugh at her nonsense ... knowing she was telling me more than I could hear ... but somehow starting to love the sund of her voice carrying across the room.

"Now I know it is starting to work!" she said with a satisfied sigh.



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