Do You Make Hey While The Sun shines?


Make Hay While Sun Shines

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MaKing ... Hey While The Sun Shines

For many people, the popular adage "make hay while the sun shines" speaks to the need to take advantage of good weather (b4 it changes), and do the work when the environment or conditions are aligned with your needs.

However, if you look at this sideways, from the angle of the emperor ... it can become something else. Take a moment and think about what it might mean if the saying was Worded like this ...

Make heh (hebrew character) while The Sun shines.

Now, look at the angle that the emperor sits, and the fact that his heal (aka heel) rests on the horn of a ram situated on south side of the cube of space. The side that represents The Sun (key 19). Make heh (aka an emperor) while The Sun/Son shines. And it is while the Sun shines in Aries, usually located in the first house -- but in this case it is in the foot (or pisces position) and thus the 12th house ... the house of both ultimate understanding as well as darkness and limitation.

Curious ...

A light always shines brightest in darkness, and a match is a most welcome friend when you live in darkness or despair.


For more quotes about creation, see Life Way 4: Creation.



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