Do You Play Write into someone's hands?



Mon Lisa's HAnds Playing Into ... Key 9 and 10


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Popular Saying

The phrase "play into someone's hands" speaks a deep truth. If you start with its source -- plein (which means to leap for joy, dance, and re:Joy.ce) you get a starting point of the dancer in Key 21. Look at what plays in her hands ... or what w/he is playing with ... and you can start to delve deeper into w.hat the saying is hinting at.

If you are moore curious still, take a look at the meaning of hands (see The Her.Mitt and you might Master.Y). Good luck and happy hinting, but Dye.ana is all tied up. (lol) Pick up the wrong end of the stick and you will get die all over the P.lace ... and that is no Lye.






































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