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Is it Really Mind Over Mater?




New POV ... Life Turned Upside Down


Ancient wisdom and popular self help books proclaim that one of the greatest secrets is knowing it is all a mater of "mind over matter".

Having your life turned upside down can put you at odds with a world filled with people who want to get even. It can fill your head with ideas that can illuminate the world.

But what does it mean when the heels, cads and jackanapescome over your head? And when your head is really down and out ... you finally can see what is really important. Being brought to rest lets the mind settle down. Meditation sets in. Blood rushes downward following gravity's mandate to move to its lowest point. Your head can feel like it is on fire or ready to explode.

But the wise man is like a man with his head on fire. For that is the only way one should ... look for water/mater.


Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water.

- Elizabeth Gilbert











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