Are A Fool & His Money Soon Pardoned?




Wisdom in an Old SA.ying about A Fool

Or is it "A Fool and His Monet are soon parted"? Re:guardless, the saying is about the two things being separated, the action behind key 6, The Lovers. It is said that "absence makes the heart grow fonder", but is that really "ab.sense", as in ab the father-son, ab as in ancient wisdom, and ba (the reverse) as in the egyptian Word for soul?

Whether the Fool puts his money in art, stocks and bonds, or cold, hard coin of the realm ... well Ok, since Life takes Visa, maybe the Fool carries more than American Express traveler's checks.

But if they are soon parted, does parted mean ... (as in key 16 art that Ed.u.cates?) And which cat is the U educating?

Is this all nonsense? Or is it no.knee.sense ... where kness (not elliot) are where felxibility is key?

Only blonds know fo/ur* sure ...



































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