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Do Many Hands Make Light




Popular Proverb: Many Hands Make Light Work

The popular saying "many hands make light work" is often used to encourage many people to volunteer in order to spread the burden of the work around and make the task easier.

However, if you read the proverb again in a different light, it can acquire another meaning. "Man.Y hands make light work" hints at Key 9, known as the open hand, attributed to the letter Yod or Y. Thus, this proverb could also be saying "the Yod man hands (her.mitt) make light work" where work is linked to key 11 and the Great Work. Written another way, "the Hermit's hands make light work" or "the Her.mitt's hands ma.key light work" can give this common phrase a more esoteric meaning.

This new twist on things can pluck ideas from your pocket as easily as Oliver Twist's light handed work ... although the Hanged Man's pockets would be easy pickings if the moon were hung a bit lower.

Since it solomon's star that is the light at work in the night sky, held up to light the path for others as well as trace the Spring in the steps that step lightly ... is the six pointed star how we make light of work and light work? And what is whit that crazy hat?















moe.ny is the root


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