Marooned On The Island of Jewels?


Wish Fulfilling Jewel of The West



Not heard of the Island of Jewels? Hmm. Joseph Campbell did.



Perhaps another Island *?

Perhaps you, like Geb, are more familiar with some of the other mythical (and not so mythical) islands?

Magus: This is another way .. And perhaps it might be ... Have you heard of the Island of Ro Ke?

Ged: The island of the wise? Of course, but I thought that was ...
Magus: ... 4 those who have extraordinary ability, which you have.
Ged: What do you think?

Magus: Oh! Tha's simple! Stay with me and let wis.dome grow.

But if you feel my path is too long and slow, you must make the choice yourself. Roke or Ogion.

(movie quotes from Earthsea)

Indeed, islands are note.ORe.US for being places not only of unusual stamps, creative forms of monetary exchange and spiritual healing .. such as lomi lomi ... but of change itself. (See Pele if you need more details ... because islands are just mountains standing on the ocean floor.)

‘The rest is up to you' I tell my clients ... Every few years they come back, so I have snapshots in my head of how they've changed over the years. The ones who've changed the most finally bought that boat, moved to that island.


Those who haven't changed, I suppose they take comfort in knowing what course their lives are on. They like to believe they know what lies ahead.

- Shall We Dance (movie quote)





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