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I stood alone in the forest. Things were not going as I had expected. I had planned on getting comfy. Now I felt like I had been pushed out into .... what? The cold cruel world? I looked around but there was nothing cruel about the forest I stood in.

Actually it smelled quite nice. But not as nice as the smell rising out of the chimney behind me.

I turned and knocked on the door. It swung open easily.

"Who's there?" asked the wise woman. I was tempted to reply with my favorite "knock-knock" joke ... and was rewarded by a gentle laugh.

"So, you know how to follow directions. That's good! What brings you here to my door?" she inquired as if we had not just been talking 30 seconds before.

"Errr ... something smells good in there," I mumbled looking for a clue. She nodded.

"And ..." she prompted me.

"And it looks much cozier in there than out here." Her look was encouraging, so I continued, "... and it feels awkward to be alone in the forest not knowing what to do next."

"Like much of life," she replied. "And ..." she prompted me again.

Casting my mind around, the truth just burbled out of me before i could stop it. "And I am not sure how to begin ..."

"Ahhh," she replied. "But that is exactly how you begin. By realizing you don't know how and asking the right person for help. And by keeping an open mind ... so you can open the doors inside of you where your answers wait for you."

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"So, can I come in?" I asked.

"First," she replied, "you need a password. Do you have one?"

"A password? You didn't give me one."

"Didn't I? How remiss of me." She looked at me, waiting.

"Can you help me get one?" I asked, feeling like I should have gone with my first instincts and done the "knock-knock" joke.

"Yes. But you can't step into the same stream of consciousness twice. Hmmm ... it feels a bit like Halloween, doesn't it?"

She saw the look of confusion on my face and replied, "Trick or treat. Knock-knock joke or password. You get one or the other."

A butterfly landed on the door, apparently wanting to go inside too.

"Its a trick of the light. Moths are drawn to it." Now I could plainly hear the laughter in her voice. Somewhere inside, a phone started to ring.

"That's probably Life calling. I should answer that," the wise woman said. And the door was slowly closing again.

"Where do I get one?" I shouted into the closing gap.

Her reply sneaked back around the jamb, "Look down and follow your nose ... And come back when you have it!"

And with that the door swung closed again. Look down and follow your nose? What the heck did that mean? Look down ... all I see is a .. well the door ... and then an emblem ... of a woman holding a star ... and a link with the words to knock ... and then more links to .. Ahha!

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