Know How To Find Your Bliss?




Finding & Following Your Bliss

Questions about how to find my bliss had been in my head for a while. Sure it sounded good, but was it really possible? Had anyone ever truly found theirs? And if it was possible, exactly how did I go about finding mine? How would I know it when I found it?

So, now was my chance to find out. Before I knew it ... the questions leapt out.

Is it really possible to find your bliss?

Yes, it is possible. Most of the people who have found theirs, and some truly have, did it by luck, by stumbling across it ... or by paying close attention to what made them feel blissful. But anyone can find theirs.

So, how do I find my bliss?

By searching for it ... within yourself. Don't despair if you have no idea what it is. The clues are everywhere around you -- hidden away in the things, people, places, activities, ideas and experiences that you are passionate about. Once you gather together all the ingredients ... it is fairly easy to create a detailed description of your bliss.


How long will it take to find it?

Hmmm. It depends on how well you are aware of what you are deeply passionate about ... what inspires you and delights you. If you have lost sight of the things that take your breath away and have you waking up laughing ... it may take a bit more time to reconnect with yourself. But the process of discovering (or re:discovering) what you love is fun. You get to spend time thinking about what brings joy into your life -- and just the act of looking for your bliss brings more bliss into your life. You start remembering things and dogging through closets to rediscover all the things you love that you packed away or thought you outgrew.

Is it hard to do?

If you have lost your passion or given up on your dreams ... you may have to face why you have gotten off the path of your bliss. And yes, before you point out that you were never on the path ... think back to when you were somewhere around 3 to 5 years old and you were fascinated and curious about life. Life was magical ... and you spent hours studying ants crawling on the sidewalk ... or picking flowers in the garden ... or drawing crayon race cars ... or twirling in the sun ... or jumping off a rock into the water and swimming until your hands and toes wrinkled up and you had to get out. You were following your bliss then ... because losing track of time is one of the key signs that you are following your bliss.

So how do I get started? Can I start right now?

Sure. The basic recipe for finding your bliss is here. Start with it first ... and read about the basic ingredients. Then you can take your time working though the workshop to find your bliss. If you need some inspiration, you can read through a few personal bliss descriptions. And if you get stuck, you might try browsing the explore your bliss aisles.

I laughed a little uneasily. It couldn't be that easy. Nothing ever was. But if it were possible ... was it worth a try?





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