Dealing With The Emotional Impact of Self Discovery?
(part two)


The words floated over the threshold ... "Nice to see you made it.

if it was Aunt Nan's teeth it would have bite you.


Self discovery work can be an emotional process. Good questions can spark insights as well as stir up long forgotten memories. So we provide a few helpful tips to help you deal with the feelings that arise during the process.


Dealing With Mixed Emotions

First, it is okay if you have a mix of positive as well as negative emotions. You might feel happy or elated as you recall fond memories, re-connect with what you love, and come to appreciate how gifted and talented you really are. However, you could also feel frustrated or angry as you look at how your past choices may not have been in your long term interests, re-connect with past mistakes, or appreciate how much your life has been impacted by not having the self knowledge you have just gained.


Dealing With Strong Feelings

Strong emotions are signals that you are dealing with important issues. Usually the stronger the feelings, the more significant they are. If you start to get caught up in the emotions, here are a few simple things you can do ...





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