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Unfolding ReAlity & Illuminating It

Some of us want more than just a glimpse of what lies beyond ordinary reality. We long to experience the Ultimate Reality .... and begin our work in the larger Universe.

But waking up to the workings of the larger Universe requires courage, an unfailing sense of humor, and a nice sense of timing. Letting go of old world concepts can be challenging. Becoming open to sense the unfolding of reality can test us in ways we never understood were possible ... and test our beliefs and curiosity about what is possible.


Pluto Crown Knot (Sephirot 1)

Working Down Under ...

Instead of just touring the underworld of how things work, like a behind the scenes tour of The Magic Kingdom ... it is an acceptance, a willingness, an openness to helping make The World and The Universe .. dance. To help make it a better place ... to undertake to make the gears of the Universe mesh smoothly and grind out the Days.

Like undertaking any new job ... there is lots to learn, and a probation time where you need to show you can handle the job and master the tasks assigned to you .. no matter how menial or lofty.


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to be continued


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