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Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat.

- Notting Hill


Some of us do not seek after fame and fortune.

We want the things these bring to us ... happiness.

And happiness only comes when you follow your bliss ... when you wake up each day knowing deep down inside that you are doing exactly what you should be -- in the right place at the right time.

No other person can tell you what that is ... because following your bliss means forging your own personal path.

And when you are on the right path, you know it not only from how you feel inside -- that great feeling of "the rightness of things". But the world echoes back you are on the right track by helping you out with those "unseen hands". People start showing up in your life at just the right time. Coincidences and synchronicities become a typical and welcome part of your everyday existence.

Extraordinary things start to happen and your life starts to unfold ...


If you want you can learn more about what happiness ... try readin gabout Life Way 27: Happiness.


Filling Your Life with More Bliss


Life Manifest


Once you have found your bliss, identified the perfect career and are on your way to succeeding at it. Now, it is time to take some time for yourself. Time to fill the well and reward yourself for making it this far.

Love is not far off ... but first you need to love and accept yourself. Completely. And the best way to do that is to fill your life with bliss ... with all the things, people, places and experiences you love.

When you do that, you have created the life you dreamed of. And it is that life, the one that you were born to live, meant to live ... that the love of your life falls for and shares with you.

Too often, people forget this step, and have little to offer the love of their life ... simply because they are not living "The Life". Even if that life is a work in progress, you have to be living it. And the process of manifesting it will bring up all the baggage and obstacles you need to deal with before you are ready to bring the love of your life home.

Yep. We all have baggage ... false ideas and beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world. And it makes sense to clear the decks and resolve these issues before you bring the love of your life into it.



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