Do You Know What Does It Takes To Succeed At Life?


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A List To Know When "The Work of Growing Up" Is Done

Do you still feel like you are lost in the world and losing at the game of life? Are you ready to move out on your own and claim your niche in the world ... but still feel like you are missing something? Or has life recently thrown you a few curve balls andleft you feeling like you need to sent back to the minors?

We all, at times, can feel like we are not equal to the world ... and the challenges and critical tasks that lie ahead of us. So how do you know when you are ready to face the world? How can you be sure that you have what it takes to triumph and succeed in life?

Making A List & Checking It Twice

To succeed in life means you have to know what the goal is ... a big bank account, a loving family, great friends, a large house, paying off the mortgage, making it past 50. We all have different ideas ... many times we never actually say them out loud or acknowledge what exactly we are living for.

But how we define success ... determines how we view ourselves .. as winners or losers ... as great or defeated ... as loveable or invisible.

So if in the game of life .. you get to choose the goal .. how you define success .. why not choose the things you can do .. and do well? Why not put together a list of how you will evaluate your life .. live your life ... and the things you want to focus on.

Once you have a list, then you may want to put together a list of the skills and knowledge youneed to succeed at the life you have described.


My List of Skills & Knowledge

As a starting point, here is my list for success. I hope it helps you get started on making your own list -- one that reflects your ideas, values and ambitions.

Self Knowledge Skills


Work Skills


Managing Money Skills


Problem Solving Skills


Communication Skills


Relationship Skills

Living Skills


Using The List

You might be surprised what a list like this can spark in your life -- and how it can help guide your steps through the common life events that fill modern life.

Knowing that you are able to cope with what lies ahead in life is a great asset, but so is getting a heads up so you can bone up before before life starts throwing you a few curve balls.



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