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Art: Saying Those Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones (Postal Art US Stamps Thomas Paine and Lucy Stone)


Life is filled with critical tasks that test our mastery of life skills and our understanding of how to choose the right goals and win at the game of life.

Exploring the ideas here can bring you clarity about your life, a level of peace and acceptance as you understand the tests of life, and the insight to make better life choices. And remember, we encourage you to touch the items in the Art Gallery ... they have many secrets to share ... and are always willing to give you a hand with the mysteries of life.

Learning How to ...

... master the critical tasks in life starts with making a list and checking it twice.


1 Travel Widely in Your Mind and in Person

2 Focus on What is Important

3 Learn From the Past

4 Understand Your Fate & Destiny

5 Make Excellent Decisions

6 Surround with Excellent People

7 Use the Right Words at the Right Time

8 Vibrant Life Force

9 Recognize, Develop & Use Potential

10 Earn, Manage & Invest Money Well

10 Online Giving Information

11 Shape a Strong Character

12 Take Responsibility for Your Actions

13 Manage Life Cycles & Phases

15 Resolve Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty

15 Overcome Life Obstacles

16 Choose & Reach Right Goals

17 Work with Nature

18 See Beyond Form to Essence

20 Seek Knowledge

19 Be a Vibrant Life Force

21 Create Beauty & Harmony

22 Seek Knowledge



Pursue Happiness

list of basic life skills


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