What Are The Eight Phases of Your Life?


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Eight Phases of Life

Life phases describe the phases of life from conception to death ... and they underscore Shakespeare's seven ages of man from childhood to old age ... and the eight stages of evolution from exploring to mastery.

Knowing the life phases helps you understand where you are in the process ... as well as the chart the life of organizations, industries and political systems.

Although they are divided into eight stages ... every living thing may not experience all eight phases. Some die out before they reach the renewal phase, or are damaged and never reach their potential.

Brief Overview

Here's a brief overview of the eight life phases ... with a slant towards using them to manage your life, career, business or political system.


Life Phase 1: Conception

Conception: Life Phase One

In life phase one, the idea of you, a company or any living organism .. is conceived. A point happens where the idea of you, in the form of energy, crystallizes into the possibility of matter .. of taking form in this physical reality.




Life Phase 2: Birth

Birth: Life Phase Two

If the idea has merit ... and gathers the support and energy of the universe, it gains strength, nutrition and love. At some point, the entity gains enough viability to be born, and is undergoes the birth event. The seed becomes alive, the sleeping giant of creation awakens.




Life Phase 3: Sprouting

Sprouting: Life Phase Three

What is born does not always survive. But the next phase is sprouting. Fragile, innocent, at the mercy of the elements and naysayers ... it is vulnerable even as it dares to put out its first signs of life and vitality. Gathering tremendous amounts of love and energy, it organizes itself into the first viable living form. Baby leaves and baby teeth emerge.




Life Phase 4: Growing & Leafing Out

Growth: Life Phase Four

The growth phase consists of both rooting and leafing. Strong roots are put down into the soil, the environment, or the community in order to draw the nutrients and resources needed for life. These are converted into visible signs of health and growth ... leafing in plants, sales and profits in companies, opportunities in communities.




Life Phase 5: Flowering

Flowering: Life Phase Five

Flowering signals that the idea is preparing to give forth fruit, and leaf production is done. Growth has given way to maturing, and showing what is possible as well as what is likely to come. Buds emerge and attract bees, as growing companies attract capital and investment. New product lines are introduced and people strive to reach their potential.




Life Phase 6: Fruiting

Fruiting: Life Phase Six

Here is where the original idea of you or an entity is finally realized, and love offers the ability to create more offspring, feed others or conceive new ideas. Bringing forth fruit shows what was sought after and nurtured .... be it wheat or fields of amber waving grains.





Life Phase 7: REnewing

Renewal*: Life Phase Seven

Often, the life and purpose of the plant is done with the fruiting ... and the seeds it generated are enough. But often, the idea is strong enough to be renewed ... and to continue on in a new, renewed form. Some people and political systems get a second wind ... companies enter emerging markets, communities gain new life.




Life Phase 8: Transcendence

Transcendence: Life Phase Eight/Zero

When the life span is done, it is time to return to where the idea came from ... back to the realm of potential and endless possibilities. The life force that gathered nutrients and materials disperses. Decay and rot set in to release everything from the bounds of order. Energy and matter separate to begin the dance again.




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