Do You Know The Seven/Eight Ages of Life?


7,8 Life AGes of Man (Shakespeare's Life Ages)

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Shakespeare's Seven / Eight Life Ages

Do you know what Life has in store for you? Curious what lies ahead on the road between here and now and when you reach the end of the Seven Ages of Life?

Few people grow up with an understanding for the possibilities, opportunities and common life events that lie ahead of them. But Shakespeare illuminated the stages of a human life, from childhood to old age and death.

Here I outline the eight ages of man and briefly describe the critical tasks and challenges of each. From cradle to a modern version of "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything" you can follow the ups, downs and transitions.


Are you ready to raise the curtain and step upon the stage of your life?


Icon Life Ages 1: Childhood / Infant




Life Age 2: Adolescent / STudent





Life Age 3: Young Adult / Lover

Young Adult



Life Age 4: Householder


Age 5: Mature Adult

Mature Adult

Age 6: Elder



Life Ages 7: Sage / Second Childhood

Second Childhood

Life Age 8/0: Death & Transition

Death & Transition
Sans Teeth



Making Sense of Life

Life Phases
covers the cycle of life from conception and birth
through maturing and death ...

Life stages
covers evolving from exploring through mastery




Manifest Your Potential .com


MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


  Game of Life
  Make Sense of Life
     Life Ages of Man
        Eigth Ages of Man
        1 Childhood
        2 Adolescence
        3 Young Adult
        4 Adult
        5 Mature Adult
        6 Elder
        7 Sage
        8 Transition
     Life Stages
     Life Phases
     Life Events & Lessons
  Art Gallery
  Book of Life

Self Discovery
  Journey of Self Discovery
  Identify Lifepath
  Find Your Bliss
  Discover Life Theme
  Discover Life Calling
  Find Life Purpose
  Describe Living Dreams
  Make Dreams Come True
  Art Gallery

  Game of Work
  Make Sense of Work
  Find Great Work
  Take Up Life's Work
     Your Dream Job
     Get Hired
     Your Dream Business
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  Game of Love
  Make Sense of Love
  Art Gallery

  Game of Wisdom
  Make Sense of Wisdom
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  Book of Wisdom
  Book of Wise Sayings
  Book of Hermetic Images

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