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Growing Older & Really Growing Up

The mature adult age comes on the heels of the young adult life age ... and the changes are really about becoming mature enough to handle the big tasks and challenges of life.

Most people are catapulted into this age early ... by the decision to marry, the arrival of kids, the purchase of a home or taking on the additional responsibility of running a business or being responsible for your parents or siblings. When you are responsible for the life of others or a business -- you have to become mature or you will fail at the tasks and challenges that face you.

Becoming A Householder

Creating a home buy purchasing or building a house is a major endeavor and responsibility. With it comes not only roots into a community and real estate market -- but the work it takes to maintain and safeguard your property .. be it a condo, townhouse, mobile home or single family house.

But the larger task is not just home ownership -- it is becoming a contributing member of the local economy, politics, spiritual community and taxpayer rolls. Additional expenses for mortgage payments, property taxes and housing insurance bring with them the maturity to take on these tasks.

Becoming A Spouse

A signal that you are mature enough to care for someone's welfare along with your own ... is the commitment to another person of your love, respect and future. Who you are willing to commit your time and worldly possessions to in an exclusive relationship of trust is a big step and a big decision.

Becoming A Parent

When you become a parent, two new lives begin -- yours as a parent and the new life you have brought into the world.

The world again becomes a magical place -- seen through the experiences of the new life that wants to explore, taste, smell, touch and experience EVERY THING within its reach. As a parent, life takes a twist as a tiny new life has the power to touch us deep within, allowing us to explore emotional depths of love, caring, concern and joy we did not think existed within us. The sounds and smells of the new life capture our attention and we learn the touch, sound, taste and smell of our newest companions and objects of care.

Balancing this joy is a enormous new list of critical tasks and challenges. And life gives you few manuals except what your parents did.

The critical tasks include ....

And the challenges are many ... from the need for patience and gentleness to the understanding your kids need to break away from you and leave the nest.





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