Are You In The Young Adult Age?


Life AGe 3: Young Adults / Lovers (Faux Mail Art Postcard)


Becoming Responsible For Yourself

When you take on the responsibility for yourself and your heart, you enter the age of the young adult. Ensuring your own survival and well being becomes the major focus of your life, as you enter the work force and open up to love playing mischief with your life.

Making Daily Choices

You start living as a young adult, you are free to make choices that will define and guide your life. And your life starts to fill up with the things you ... or your culture .. loves.

With independence and choices comes living with the consequences of your decisions ... both large and small.

A Place & Money of Your Own

In modern life, independent means getting a place of your own, cooking your own meals, doing your own shopping and household chores like cleaning, laundry and washing up.

You also have money of your own, and are responsible for keeping track of it, as well as spending and investing it. Part of that spending is usually for transportation, vacations, clothing, entertainment and further education.

Milestones include buying your first car, planning your first vacation, buying your own entertainment center and major appliances and furniture.





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