Are You In The Elder Stage?


Life Age 6: Elder Pantaloon of Shakespeare (Faux mail ARt Postacard)


Time To Start Living The Life You Dream Of

If you are entering the ELder/Pantaloon age of life .... chances are you are retiring or rethinking the way you work. Often, you need a plan for how to wisely spend your time ... especially if the Wheel of Fortune has been kind to you and you can afford to spend your days not earning a living.

Sometimes having more time than you know what to do with ... and having the yoke of earning a living taken off your shoulders ... can lead to confusion. Here is where a new beginning starts ... and small projects are the way to begin. Beginning small lets you set things in motion and control where they go ... making sure that they are taking you in the direction you want.

Far too often, we spend our working life dreaming of what we will do .. or would rather be doing. But the reality of having all your days free ... and no longer having work that functions as a source of meaning, purpose, socializing and self esteem ... can leave you feeling lost.

A gold watch can make a wardrobe full of work clothes feel awkward .... and leave us quietly roaring for a life that had as much meaning and respect as before.

All too often an abundance of time and a lack of meaningful work can leave us feeling like our lives are not filled with meaning.

Rediscovering Your Gifts & Talents

Now is the time to start doing what you love ... regardless of what it pays. And that starts with rediscovering your gifts and talents, as well as the essentials of great work with an attention on the earning a paycheck for it at an all time low.

If that seems a bit daunting ... try discovering your potential and relearning who you are now that you have enough life experience to determine what is really important to you ... and refocus on your goals in life. No matter how old you are or where you are in life, the big questions of life need to be looked at and re-answered.

Follow Your Bliss

If there was ever a time to regroup and start following your bliss ... this is the time. You have lots of it .. and the freedom to do it. Now you can finally be your own boss ... and fill your days with what you love to do. Even if you have to fit it around doctor appoints and caring for others ... you can read, think and do what you love.

Solve A Problem

If you are still at a loss, put your years of life experience to good use and set about solving one of the issues, problems, or needs you care deeply about. Or refocus and dedicate your life to following your life calling .. it might just lead you to creating the extraordinary life you have always dream of.



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