Want Some Family Activities That Explore Potential and Discover Talent?

Ideas For Exploring In A Modern World

Do you want to do more as a family than just spend another hectic day rushing from one activity to another? Sometimes it seems the most quality time we get to spend with our kids is sitting down at a noisy dinner table or while driving them to their next event.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you have little time or money, you can make use of all the things around you to help everyone discover their potential and realize what their gifts and talents are.

What is important is not how much time or money you spend, but the value of the things you discover about yourself and each other. Exploring as a family adds an extra special ness to the event, because you can share your discoveries and champion each other.

So here is a short list of ideas.

City Museums

Museums are a great place to explore because for a few dollars you can spend the whole day getting exposed to thousands of ideas that reflect the nine ingredients of potential. And if you are on a tight budget, most museums have a few days each year when admission is free or based on a donation. Some also host special family events.

The types of museums you might be interested in exploring include the local ...



Walks & Trips In The Country

Believe it or not, being out in nature is also a great way to find your gifts and talents. Being in the outdoors gives us a chance to focus on what is important to us instead of what is being blasted from a radio or TV. And the free form nature of exploration means we can tailor the experience to what we love to do. So trips to the beach are great for people to discover they love building sand castles and have a gift for architecture and manual construction. And camping trips are great for people to discover all sorts of things about what they can excel at ... from setting up tents and reading maps and building a fire and gathering local herbs. Budding artists are inspired by the colors in a leaf and the way trees branches grow. Natural hunters discover they can spend several hours happily constructing snares and traps. And explorers are busy scouting the trail ahead while inventors are focused on how to improve the backpack they are wearing.


Entertainment At Home

But even if you don't feel like traveling, there is a rich resource of entertainment at home that you can use to reveal potential. The books, movies, music and TV programs we choose can help us discover our gifts, life calling and purpose. It's just is a matter of putting a bit of thought into selecting and finding the meaning of the things you use for entertainment.


All these activities give your family the opportunity to explore the world and discover together the things, activities, places and experiences you love.


Entertainment In The Neighborhood

Your neighborhood also is filled with opportunities to explore new aspects of the world and discover the things, activities, and experiences you love. They also, when you take an active part in doing them, become a great way to reveal the hidden gifts and talents of your family.



Family Vacations & Travel

Traveling offers lots of opportunities to explore new cultures and environments. Often it adds only a small cost to the vacation to ...






The Five Love Languages of Children  

If you have tried all this, and you are still not getting through and reaching your child -- I recommend this book for reconnecting with them and learning how to get through those defenses that keep them stuck.  











The Next Step

If you want to see more of our content that is of interest to families, check out our ...




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