Do You Know The Eight Stages of Life?


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Eight Stages of Development

Life stages show you where you are in terms of your level of development -- and the beginning and end of a cycle of evolution. Knowing what they are can help you track your progress and get back on track if you are lost.

They are divided them into eight stages ... from exploring as a novice through becoming a master to undergoing a regenesis ... so you can easily figure out where you are in any area of your life.

Once you know what stage you are in, you can focus on succeeding at the critical tasks, challenges, and opportunities and smoothly transition to the next stage.

Brief Overview

These eight life stages mirror the steps in Shakespeare's life ages of man and the life phases from conception to death. Here's a brief overview of them ... with a slant towards using them to manage your career and succeed at life.


Life Phase 1: Exploring

Exploring (life stage one)

In life stage one, you begin by exploring your world in search of ... inspiration ... answers ... a life direction ... or a lover. IT all depends on the area of life you are dealing with. Read more ...




Life Phase 3: Life Calling

Life Calling (life stage two)

Life stage two is a time to follow the promise of things to come and seek to understand what you are called to do. Dreams, touchstones and things that delight you all provide hints and clues worth pursuing. Read more ...




Life Phase 2: Focusing

Focusing (life stage three)

What drives life stage three is a quest to follow you calling and find your passion and what makes you unique. Questions about life, who you are and who you can become ... lead to a sorting through to find the ideas, lifestyles, values and career choices that fit you best. Read more ...



Life Phase 4: Working

Working (life stage four)

The Working stage is the opportunity to start putting into action the things you have sensed in the Calling stage and learned in the Focusing stage. Now is the time to begin trying on in real life the ideas, lifestyles, values and career choices that you thing fit you best. Read more ...




Life Phase 5: Excelling

Excelling (life stage five)

In the fifth stage of Excelling you move beyond just working out the basics of life and now focus on excelling at what you do. The switch is one of attention -- becoming mind full of the results you produce instead of just the paycheck you earn. Read more ...




Life Phase 6: Mastering

Mastering (life stage six)

Life stage six marks a major transition that few people make. Now, your attention shifts from excellence to mastering the tools, materials, and process of what you do in order to achieve at the highest levels. Read more ...



Life Phase 3: Life Calling

Transcending (life stage seven)

Few people reach this stage -- where you start to interact directly with the principles that underlie reality and determine what is possible and impossible. At this point, you start to redefine the boundaries of what is possible, probable and certain. Read more ...



Life Phase 8: Regenesis

Regenesis* (life stage eight/zero)

Life stage Eight/Zero comes at a time when your life energy lasts beyond the role you were living and it is time to undergo a rebirth. A whole life begins and you need to begin anew the quest to figure out who you are and who you can become in this new life. As disconcerting as the transition is, it catapults you to start on a new cycle of evolution with a new Exploring phase. Read more ...




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