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The Eight Stages of Life & Evolution

This page lists my personal take on inspiring, informative and useful movies which deal with the eight phases of life. Many point out the critical tasks and challenges that each phase presents.

I hope you enjoy this list and find the links to additional information helpful!


Exploring Movies


The Runaway Bride

A hardware store manager realizes after being researched by a newspaper journalist that she has so conformed to meet the expectations of others she has never found out who she is and what she loves. And in seeking herself she finds a passion and talent for creating artistic lamps.




Focusing Movies

Breaking Away

A young man dreams of living a more interesting life as struggles against his fate of following in his father's footsteps. He starts to create the life he wants by impersonating an Italian college student following his passion for bicycle racing.



Dead Poet's Society

A teacher inspires his students to make their lives extraordinary by creating their own destiny and following their life calling as they struggle with the coming of age obstacles of overcoming self limiting beliefs and family job preferences.




October Sky

A group of young boys are inspired by their teacher and the space race in the 1950s to follow their passion and change their destiny by choosing the life they want to live instead of what fate has dealt them.




My Brilliant Career

A young woman begins a journey of self discovery and struggles against poverty and social expectations of marriage to explore her gift for storytelling and become a writer.





A young man realizes his dream of becoming a college athlete at Notre Dame playing football despite a lack of education, physical size and family support.




Bend It Like Beckham

A young girl struggles to follow her talent for playing soccer which conflicts with her East Indian culture.




Finding Forrester

A young student finds a mentor to help him develop his potential to become a writer (life path 3).



Life Calling Movies

I also have more movies listed in my Find Your Life Calling section.



Billy Elliot / Dancer

A young man struggles against cultural taboos to explore his passion for dancing and realize his potential as an 11 year old boy with a gift for dancing.



Working Movies

Kiki's Delivery Service

A young girl seeks to find her place in the world by traveling to the city and working to discover her talent and learning how to turning it into a livelihood -- a delivery service business.




That Thing You Do!

Four young musicians write a hit song and undergo a fast rise to the top of the charts as they struggle to keep their band together with the help of their manager.




Excelling Movies

Chariots of Fire

Professional athletes compete to win races for different reasons (issues).




The Spirit of St. Louis

A young adventurer, explorer and mail pilot overcomes physical obstacles and assumptions about what is humanly possible to be the first to fly across the Atlantic (issue).




Working Girl

A secretary struggles against a lack of the right background and work taboos to not to rise above her low status in order to follow her passion for business mergers and acquisitions and become an executive in financial advising using her gifts for seeing connections, opportunities & asking pivotal questions.




Good Will Hunting

A construction worker finds he has a gift for learning and mathematics but must struggle to overcome his past, self limiting beliefs, and a lack of the right credentials and background in order to change his destiny and develop his potential.




Mastering Movies

The King of Masks

An aging street performer who is a master of mask-changing adopts an orphan in order to pass along the secrets of his art, and discovers love that overcomes many obstacles.




Tampopo / Dandelion

A woman seeks to become a chef and build a business learning how to master the art of making the perfect soup soba with the aid of a truck driver.




Pushing Tin

Two air traffic controllers who are gifted at their work, become rivals.




The Last Brickmaker in America

A man who makes high quality bricks by hand helps a young boy connect with a love of work that supports a lifetime of being a part of a community.



James Bond Films

A spy uses his many gifts and technical gadgets to fight evil and protect Britain's interests.




Sherlock Holmes Films

A detective and a doctor apply their skills for logic and deduction to solve crimes and mysteries.





A man establishes a world class company to put out oil well fires filled with masters of their trade -- based on the real life story of Re:d Adair.





Mostly Martha / No Reservations

A master chef is passionate about her work, but her single mindedness throws off her work-life balance. When her sister dies and she has to take on the care of her young niece, the problems with her life start to show up as she learns about love outside of work. Original German film (Mostly Martha) has English subtitles, US remake (No Reservations) is in English.



Transcending Movies


A man has a mystical experience which opens up his potential, reveals unusual gifts and talents and challenges the cultural taboos of what is possible for humans.




Tin Cup

A professional athlete regains his passion for golf and finds he has a gift for making impossible shots.




Re-genesis Movies

The Matrix Series

A computer programmer joins with warriors and an oracle to find his life calling and undergoes a complete cycle from exploring the world around him to undergoing a regenesis into a new way of existing within the Matrix.




Cast Away

An executive's life is changed dramatically when he is marooned on a deserted island, and he learns to survive and create a new way of being in the world.




The Emperor's New Clothes

Napoleon Bonaparte puts his strategic and tactical skills to use when he escapes from his exile and becomes a fruit seller in Paris. As reality sets in, he has to choose between his old life in ruins or a new life.



Regarding Henry

A legal counselor is seriously wounded and the tragic event prompts his rediscovery of his potential and making choices for the new life he wants.




Under The Tuscan Sun

A newly divorced writer falls in love with Tuscany on a vacation and struggles to build a new life for herself filled with the people and activities she loves.




Baghdad Café / Out of Rosenheim

A woman stranded in the desert finds she has a gift for connecting with people and a talent for magic which transforms a local truck stop and the life of its owner.





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