Are You In The Exploring Stage?


Life Stage 1: Exploring


Life Stage 1: Exploring

In Life Stage One, you begin by exploring your world in search of ... inspiration ... answers ... a life direction ... or a lover. IT all depends on the area of life you are dealing with.

Exploring New Possibilities

When this development phase is part of a smaller cycle, such as starting a new job, getting a new home, moving to a new city -- or beginning any new project -- it is the opportunity to explore the possibilities and begin to discover what is possible, doable and desired.

This stage is also the first we encounter when we begin life and start exploring the new world we find ourselves in. Most noticeable in early childhood when toddlers start physically exploring their world and touching, tasting and smelling everything in sight -- this phase kicks into high gear during early adolescence. So most of us experience this phase first between the ages of two to thirteen.

However, we can return to this stage when we undergo a major life change and need to begin a new (or radically different) life. Events like divorce, a major career change, or a midlife crisis can trigger us returning to this phase. Some people can remain stuck in this phase if they never complete the critical tasks involved. resolved its central issues.

How Do I Know?

Clues that you are in the Exploring stage include seeking to understand the world and your place in it, looking for what you value and love in life, researching possibilities and doing "window browsing" in any area of your life.

At the heart of Stage One is seeking something to define [or redefine if you have hit a dead end] who you are and who you are not.



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