Are You In The Life Calling Stage?


Life Stage 2: Life Calling


Life Stage 2: Life Callings

Life Stage 2 can come at any time ... but ideally is a result of the successful completion of the essential* tasks in Stage One.

Linked with "finding your bliss", a life calling is a deep understand of your place in the world and what you are meant to do with your life.

It can feel like you "know deep down in your bones" what you are supposed to do, even though your conscious mind only has a vague concept of what that means. Or, you can have a very clear vision along with specific ideas of the steps you need to take.

Different Types of Callings

Callings can also come in other areas of your life -- a love calling where you know you have unequivocally "found the one" -- a health calling when you know the lifestyle you need to follow -- or a career calling where you know the work you were born to do. In smaller development cycles, callings are often soft whisperings about the direction you need to take. In looking for a new home, it can be a strong resonance with a particular neighborhood. In a new job it is the boss you most want to work for or a specific opportunity that calls to you. In relationships or business, it is the inner voice that encourages you to get to know a certain person across the room.

The Impact of A Life Calling

If you have not prepared for a life calling, it can cause your perspective to undergo a mild to radical shift and you may have to re-enter the Focusing stage to get the specialized training and knowledge you need before you enter the Working Phase. If not a natural result of the work done in the Focusing stage, a calling can be triggered by a series of noteworthy events, significant insights about who you are, a life crisis, or a deep loss.

Learning your calling often defines or redefines your self concept, life's work, and key relationships. If your life needs to radically change for you to fulfill your calling, this phase may prompt you to enter the Regenesis stage.


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