Are You In The Exceling Stage?


Life Phase 5: Excelling


Life Stage 5: Excelling in Life

In the Excelling stage, your emphasis shifts from being good at your job or relationships -- to excelling at what you do. In the area of work, your attention moves from earning paychecks and promotions to achieving great results in your day-to-day work.

In the area of love, you start expressing your love in unexpected, exquisite and heartfelt ways -- making the ones you love feel, as well as know, they are truly and deeply loved. In the area of life, you focus on improving or perfecting the way you live and experience your life.

Results Take Center Stage

Achieving great results (in whatever area of life you are working on) takes center stage, driven by an emphasis on developing and using your skills and knowledge to go beyond putting in your time and doing the expected.

The benefits of excelling at your work brings great performance reviews and more career opportunities with larger paychecks. In the area of love, it brings more closeness and deeper intimacy with the people you love. In the area of health, it takes you from feeling good to feeling great -- filling you with energy and a thirst for life.





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