Are You Giving Back?


Online Giving: Rein Drops Like Pennies From HEaven

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
- Sir Winston Churchill


Online Giving Guidelines

Do you wonder ... "How much should I give?" when thinking about donating on the Internet? If so, here are a few helpful tips to make the decision easier.

The first thing to recognize is that a donation of any size is ...

A Sign of Support

Every time a donation is made, it sends a signal that someone not only appreciates the work the organization is doing, but values it.

Just as small drops of water add up over time, so do large, medium and small donations. Change comes in the form of pennies from heaven, dimes of goodwill and quarters of centuries in the making. Each donation shows how much the work and the mission resonate with donors.


Value of The Information

But donations are not just signs of support. They also reflect an honest appraisal of the value of what is provided .. in the form of products, services, hope or opportunity.

In a simple metaphor, each organization is offering seeds ... of change, freedom, career growth, prosperity, enlightenment ... you get the idea. And your donation reflects how much this gift ... in the form of access, opportunity, information, or ideas ... are worth to you.

Like mental food, or emotional support, you can decided what the meal was worth. Is it worth the price of a candy bar, a good cup of coffee, a nice meal, a dinner and a movie, a special splurge or a feast fit for a king? Was it as valuable as the last book you read, seminar you attended or weekend getaway?

Find which one best reflects the value and consider donating the same amount.


No person was ever honored for what he received,
but for what he gave.
- Calvin Coolidge

How Much You Benefited

Sometimes it makes sense not to value the seed but the harvest you got from it. Here is where you get to reflect how much change, delight, wonder, insight or understanding you gained ... and the impact it had on your life. How much you would have gladly paid someone for the benefits you received?

That will give you an idea of its true impact and value on your life.


to be continued


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