Do You Travel Widely In Your Mind & In Person?


Life Skill ... Travel Widely in PurseOn and In Your Mind ...

While air chair travelers dream of going places, traveling armchairs dream of staying put.
- The Accidental Tourist (movie quote)

An Essential Skill of Life

Travel opens your mind. It opens your life, like a piece of luggage, and helps you release the baggage of the past while searching for the treasures and touchstones that speak to your heart. It awakens your intuition, as it awakens your sense with new sights, smells and experiences.

Take a moment to travel ... if only on the travel channel or via Netflix. The new sights and sounds will help you discover who you truly are, the places you love, and the people you are drawn to.

Fears of Traveling

Some of us are afraid, rightly so, of the unknown. The unknown teases us while it beckons towards what we do not know how to identify, deal with or play with. Some like to minimize the unknown, the happy accidents of travel ... and instead replace them with careful plans and minimum of intrusions.

But travel is what breaks us open, like an ostrich egg omelet. Our treasure lies inside, and sometimes strangers can see us more clearly. They can see what the mirror no longer reflects. And that can be scary. Like real life ... unscripted, in a culture where odd things happen everyday. People get swept away, become mesmerized by a people, fall in love with a place.





... and find themselves, or realize for the first time they are lost.

Re:alizing You Need to Travel*

We don't always know where we need to go, but the itch in our feet, the scent of places not yet known calls to us ... like the scents brought to the alchemist across the desert sands.

We are called by places .. by a hunger for adventure. And when that call comes, I encourage you to follow it up and learn what it has to teach you. Figuring out the place that calls you takes a bit of detective work or an in spring reliance on intuition. These may help ...





Planning or Daydreaming Your Trip

No step is more critical than the first step on a journey, the one that sets it in motion. So you will want to put your thoughts, ideas, insights and intuitions and hunches down on paper ... and start collecting the scraps of life that speak to you of the purpose and intent of your travels ... the things to watch out for and not miss.




Making The leap-ra-con

Like following a rainbow, a trip can often feel like you are setting off on a fool's errand ... going round the bend of the Rincon in order to .. find something? Experience something?

When courage starts to fail, or you need to move things along .. our elders work at finding the right gift to speed your travels .. or slow them down to a pace that is just right for you and the goldilocks you plan to pick along the way.








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