Are You Actively Seeking Knowledge?


Seek Knowledge


Wise men through out time* (tie the Hanged Man) have enjoined you to seek to know yourself. Sun Tzu employs the tactic of knowing the enemy in order to ensure victory.

But how many people really do seek knowledge .. about themselves, the people they love, and the world they live in. Many seek knowledge about the subjects they are passionate about ... and the hobbies they enjoy. We all know someone who can give us little known facts about history or reel off stats about their favorite sports and players.

But what knowledge are you really seeking?
And what do you want to use it for/4?


What Are You Seeking?

Many of us think we are gathering knowledge . . . when in fact we are actually amazing opinions, trivia and disconnected facts.

Do you know the difference between opinions and guesses?

Between data and theories?

Facts and truth?

When people talk to you, do they share Truth and wisdom or their opinions and beliefs?


He Shall Grow China Roses

to be continued


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