Do You Focus on What is Important?


Focus on What is Important


Is There Anything More Important?

We often wonder if we are spending our time wisely. Are we focusing on what is important? Or are distractions and the urgent taking our focus?

Life can become filled with to do lists of modern life that keep the status quo of our life going ... but over time stop being the things we really need to focus on.

Running on Autopilot

Our lives can start out as grand adventures ... but after a while, we start to run on autopilot ... and a phony life starts to take hold. The joy starts to ebb out of our life and depression or numbness ebbs in almost unseen like the tide.

It seems like such a normal part of life. Everyone around us may be on the same well traveled path, and the worn track beneath our feet can give us a false sense of comfort that we are still on our way to somewhere worthy.

Taking Notice

What we need to do is notice what is going on in our life. To really see the hidden import of the lives around us. Everyday gives birth to new situations that, if nourished or not addressed, grow up around us.

And if we do not pay attention, or get lost in our lives ... Life has a way of grabbing our attention with a crisis in .. values, lifestyle or health.





Focusing Skills

It seems that focusing is a skill we need to master in order to stay awake in our lives and alert to the significance of the things and people around us. If we stay alert, we can sense when fortunes are about to change and when windows of opportunity are closing, and doors of access are opening by unseen hands.

In the focusing stage of life, our attention is moving constantly inward and outward ... trying to understand who we are and where we fit into (or belong in) the world.

But focusing is a life long skill we must master .. to stay awake and keep alive.





If you want, you can explore more gifts, books and tools for focusing on what's important. Or you can read about describing the life you want and making it come true. Or ...



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