How Has Your Family Shaped Your Fate?


Postcard Front: Fate & Dreams (SAbian Symbol Cancer 22)


Men are not prisoners of Fate, but only
prisoners of their own minds.
- Franklin Roosevelt




Discovering Your Fate

Now that you have your journal and a bit of inspiration ... it is time to get to work figuring out what your fate is.

May your sword of insight be sharp and your aim accurate.


Fate by Family

Knowing what your birth circumstances and your family have in store for you can help you know what they have in store for you. Take a few minutes and think about these questions.


Opening The Window

What were the expectations of your family for you?


What have they encouraged you to become?


A Father's Footsteps

What were your father's dreams for you?


What profession did he want you to undertake?


A Mother's Dreams

What were your mother's expectations for you?


What were her dreams for your life?


What did she want you to grow up and become or do?


Who did she want you to marry?


Where did she want you to live?


Sibling Rivalry & ROle! Playing

What did your siblings or close relatives encourage you to become?


What place or role did you take on in your family?


Was the role assigned or did you choose it?


Were you expected to follow in your family's footsteps?


Family Business

Were you expected to take up the family business, inherit the family farm, carry on the family traditions or uphold the family's honor?


What were your mother and father's paths in life .. their mission or purpose?


If you combine the two missions together, does that speak to a part of what fate had in store for you (see the Celestine Prophecy).


If you write out your parent's life stories ... are you expected to live the same type of life ... marrying, living, working and raising kids just like they did?


How much of a ruckus would you raise if you wanted to do something different with your life? How much and why?


Would your family feel wounded if you choose a different life than they wanted for you? Why?


The Next Step

Take as much time as you need with these questions ... you may also come back to them later as new insights come to you. Circumstances in your life may also transpire to illuminate these issues in your life.

When you are ready, the next step is ...


Discovering Your Fate by Culture


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