Can You Picture Your Fate?




When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.
- Carl Jung





Seeing The Whole Picture

One of the biggest challenges in understanding your fate is seeing the Big Picture of what life has in store for you based on your family, culture, generation and social class.

Putting all the clues together can be quite daunting ... especially if you think that this is all there is to do. But it is more than just assembling the pieces ... you have to make sense of the bigger picture it paints for your life.

Getting A Handle On Fate

To begin to grasp your fate, take a few minutes and bring all of your answers together to make a statement of your fate ... a paragraph or two ( or whatever feels right) that describes all the expectations for you and your life.

You can do this by categories and fill in the blanks ...

My Family expects me to________ and become __________ . They encourage me to ________________ and discourage me to ___________. They see me as ________________ and expect me to fulfill my place in the family by ____________ and being _________________. If I follow their expectations, I will _______________ .

My Culture expects me to _______________ and become ________________. It rewards me for _________________ and punishes or discourages me from _______________. If I follow its expectations, I would become _________________---- and have __________________ and acquire ________________ as a good citizen and member of society.

My Peers and Generation expect me to _________________ and become _________________________- by ______________________. I am rewarded by them for _________________- and discouraged from _______________________. If I follow their lead and fulfill their expectations, I will __________________- and become _______________________- and have ____________________________.

My Social Class expects and encourages me to ____________________ and become ___________________- with _______________________. If I fulfill the expectations of my social class, I will spend my life __________________ , value _________________ and become __________________________.

Or you can combine them altogether into one large statement that sums up all the expectations. This is especially helpful if several of the categories agree and all encourage or discourage you about the same thing ... of have similar expectations.

If I am expected to ________________________ become _____________________ and value _________________________. My life story is expected to follow a predictable pattern of _______________, then _________________ and then __________________. If I could write out the life story from the perspective of fate, it would go something like this .... _________________________.

Picturing Your Fate

Another great way to get a handle on your fate is to create a Fate Board .... a collage of the events and expectations of your fate. You can create a collage from magazine pictures and words, or arrange images in the form of a timeline ... from birth to death through all the life ages.

If you want, and this works when you have mixed messages coming from your family, culture, generation and social class -- you can do one for each of them. Kinda like the life story each would paint for you ... the major events of your life and what you are expected to become, do and have at each stage.




Challenge Two: Acknowledging Your Fate


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