Looking For Surreal Lessons That All Life is Joyful?


All life is suffering ... al1 life is joy

touch the card to read the other side


Al1 life is Joy ... Eye think that is how it goes


All life is joy

Birth, laughter, love, and health are the sources of joy.


All life is suffering

Death, disease and
discomfort are the
sources of suffering.


The Origin of Joy

Joy comes from embracing life, love, laughter and striving for obtainable bliss.


The Origin of Suffering

Suffering comes from carving
and craving and
increasing the hunger
for things unobtainable.


The Beginning of Joy

Start embracing things that bring about birth, love, laughter and life.


The Cessation of Suffering

Stop craving things that
bring about death,
disease and discomfort.


The Way to Embrace Joy

Well, you can find somebody named Joy ... or play around with Dawn (dishwashing liquid) ... lol


The Way to the End of Suffering

Follow the Noble Eight-fold path: right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.







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