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Ten (not so) Easy Steps

We all want to know who we are, what makes us unique and how we can succeed at the game of life. So our ten steps guide you from discovering your potential to realizing it out in the real world. They outline a step by step process for creating your destiny and winning at the game of life.

There is nothing magical about these ten steps -- just as there is nothing magical about a set of winning moves in chess or how the notes are arranged in Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

Techniques for how to answer the most basic questions about ourselves ...

... are scattered across the globe in every culture. However, they are often buried so deep in folklore and rituals, that if you are not trained to see them -- they are hard to recognize. As children we are steeped in stories about rites and ideas of how to live a life of greatness. But as we grow up, we often focus on the urgent demands of daily life and forget to think about how to find our own answers to the basic questions above.

Take a moment and think about it. Do you have a good answer to the simple questions above? If you are like most people, you may not even have a clue where to start.

So we developed a universal process to help -- our ten steps that work regardless of your age, race, religion, gender, culture or life experience. A process that defines every major step along the path, starting with learning who you are and deciding what to do with that knowledge. Once you have chosen the destiny you want, the next steps help you envision a path to take you there and acquire the life skills you need to excel at the life you have chosen. And once you have started on your journey, we guide you through the ups and downs along the way.

Take a moment to look over our ten steps to an extraordinary life and see if you think they will work for you.


Step One: Discover Your Potential

1. Discover Your Potential



Step Two: Choose Who To Become


2. Choose Who You Want To Become


Find Your Lifepath (Discover Yourself Step 1)

3. Identify Your Life path


Face Mask of Wisdom Life Way 3

4. Prepare For Your Extraordinary Life


Begin Your ADventure to the Land of Om om om oMom ...

5. Begin Your Adventure


Overcome Your Obstacles

6. Overcome Your Obstacles



Life Challenges

7. Face Your Challenges


What You Yen For

8. Find Your Treasure


Living An Extraordinary Life

9. Live An Extraordinary Life


Extraordinary Life: Begin Next Adventure - Time of The Cosmic Sun

10. Begin Your Next Adventure





The Next Step

If you are ready to discover who you are, the first step is learning more about how to ...

Solve The Puzzle of Who You Are



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